Every Tuesday night live on the iDUMP4U Youtube channel at 9:30pm Central join Bradley Laborman and Kristen Lucas for the Hookup/Breakup Podcast or #HUBUcast for short!  Inspired by Laborman;s work with iDUMP4U, HUBUcast is a discussion about all things relationship based…

HUBUcast features relationship advice, celebrity couple gossip, dating tips, articles and shows about relationships and even expert guests.



Josh Basili – Reality Television Legendary Kisser http://www.joshbasili.com
September 19. 2017

All advice is 100% confidential and we would love for our audience to share any questions, concerns, interesting articles, news headlines or photos that have to do with relationships.  Please note that first names will be used for the podcast and any photos or videos you send you are agreeing that you have full rights to share and give us full permission to use on the program. You can submit using the form below or if you want to send us photos or videos email us directly at idump4u@gmail.com