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Amanda contacted us via email from our website after seeing someone talk about us on the local news. When I first got the email, I assumed it was a prank, because of the subject matter. After I responded back, she sent me another email and a number to reach her. When I called the number and was connected to her hospital room, I know she was sincere. She explained to me the situation and asked me if I could help. This is the first time, I have ever done a break up this serious, I dont even want to refer to it as a dump, because this was not heartless and cold like a dump. Amanda seriously wanted Jason to move on. Amanda is a very brave individual without giving to much personal information, I can tell you she is in her early 20s

I did the call and recorded it and I let it sit, and didnt really talk about it to anyone. Yesterday I received an email from Amanda, telling me that her and Jason talked and everything is so much better and she feels a lot of relief.

I realize that people love to hear the crazy dumps, the funny dumps and the bizarre breakups but sometimes.. you have to break up with someone to help them let go
If I lose you as a subscriber that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

I did not charge Amanda to make this call for her, and I will not be putting advertising on this dump. But if you can, click this link and please make a donation to cancer research and help us DUMP CANCER.. http://www.firstgiving.com/idump4u

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